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August 9, 2018


Eat + Drink


The Count Down of the 5 BEST Places to Grab a Great Steak Around the Oakland Area

Looking for a great steak near the hotel? Well, look no further - here are 5 of the best in Oakland.

The Count Down of the 5 BEST Places to Grab a Great Steak Around the Oakland Area

5. Pier 29 Waterfront Restaurant

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Being a city on the Bay, we love piers! While technically in Alameda, this restaurant is worth a mention due to its location, proximity to Oakland, and of course its steak! You will find a more casual dining experience here nestled in the Marina with a view of the Bay Bridge! Definitely order the classic steak, baked potato, and roasted asparagus, but really, you can’t go wrong here! And, if you’re completely stuffed after your steak dinner, take a stroll along the marina to walk it off! Or, sit on a bench and watch the boats bobble up and down in the marina!

Pier 29 Waterfront Restaurant

4. Kincaid's

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​We have mentioned Kinkaid’s here on the blog already a couple times, but we love mentioning it because it is THAT good. This classy restaurant is an upscale place to take your date for a steak. It’s also right on the water with beautiful views of the Oakland Marina, day or night. If you’re able to snag a window table, you’ll be gazing out at spectacular waterfront views while enjoying a satisfying steak meal in your finest clothes.  What an experience! The service is excellent, and if you have questions about your steak and it’s preparation, they will be answered in a caring, seasoned manner. Choose a night, put on your best, and order a steak at Kinkaid’s!  


3. American Oak

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​While this place’s ambiance is pretty casual, every single steak plate served here is aesthetically pleasing! People on Yelp would agree, just check out photos there to get you drooling and ready for your very own visit. The steak is as tasty as you would hope, with high quality meat (humanely raised) cooked to your preference, seasoned perfectly, and served up with locally sourced and organic potatoes and vegetables. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to try out the trend of pairing whisky with your beef, this is your place to do it. They have the only whiskey bar in Alameda, with over 120 different types of whiskeys! Ask your waiter for any whiskey ordering tips! Every one is kind and keen to give you the best possible experience at American Oak!

American Oak
(510) 521-5862

2. Geleto Brazilian Steakhouse

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​Galeto brings the best of Brazil to your dinner plate. You will find that everything here is superb. They hope to offer you a unique culinary experience and an unforgettable cultural sharing experience of the Brazilian “churraco” (steak). All of their meats are fire roasted to perfection.  This cooking technique is thought to originate in 17th century, colonial Brazil, used by Brazilian cowboys called “gauchos”. If you’re looking to have Brazil’s most famous steak, try out the Picanha. It’s a premium cut of robust and yet tender, top-sirloin. If you’re looking to have the most popular cut, go for the Rib-eye. Galeto’s “gauchos” have really mastered this.  With the atmosphere, excellent service, and wonderful, flavorful steaks, you will have one of the most memorable and satisfying meals in Oakland!

Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse
(510) 238-9388

1. Executive Inn & Suites - The Lounge!

​Are we biased here? Maybe a little, but we know ourselves best and we can guarantee you a top of the list quality steak dinner! We only offer YOU the BEST! Every evening, starting at 5:00pm, we serve a simple, yet delicious meal in The Lounge. You have the choice of a 10oz. top sirloin baseball cut steak, or fresh salmon; both grilled to perfection. Dinners come with tasty baked mashed potatoes and salad tossed in dressing. And we make sure you are served with a smile! Can you think of a better, more welcoming, and delicious way to end your night than in our lounge?!

Executive Inn & Suites - Embarcadero Cove
(510) 536-6633

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