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October 29, 2018




Oakland Gets Spooky: What to do in Oakland on Halloween!

​(To be read in Dracula's voice) Dear Oakland visitors, whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, alone, or with family, it’s time to put on your scariest costume and enjoy all the Halloween treats and festivities that Oakland has to offer. And there are plenty!

 Oakland Gets Spooky: What to do in Oakland on Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween in Oakland? Here are some activities you can do for the whole family:

For the Kids:


Halloween isn’t just for the kids, unless it is! While most neighborhoods in Oakland offer abundant trick or treating opportunities, there are a couple that are the most popular with the locals!

  1. Trestle Glen: This has become a very popular and packed neighborhood on Halloween. Tricksters and Treaters come from far and wide over the East Bay to visit this section of picturesque houses near Lakeshore Ave. It’s here you can also experience “Driveway Follies” a free, professionally staged, family friendly Halloween Marionette Puppet Show. The shows start right after dark and end when the crowds disappear!
  2. Cleveland Heights Neighborhood: Why? The residents here go all out with the Halloween spirit. You won’t see sparse spooky embellishments here, it is skeleton after skeleton, zombie after zombie, ghost after ghost – you get it! Make sure you bring a really big candy bucket, because it won’t take long to be filled in this generous neighborhood.

The Temescal District also offers a wonderful Halloween event for families in Oakland called Temescal Trick or Treat. You will find everything Halloween here and it is perfect for children of all ages.  All of the local shops form 41st St. to 51st St. on Telegraph Ave. will be handing out Halloween Treats! Show your costume at Ruby Garden Costume Contest, try out your apple bobbing skills at Ancient Ways, and be sure to dance at Flying Mod’s family dance party! The event runs from 4pm-6pm!  

For the Adults:


​Alright, Halloween isn’t just for the kids! And that’s when things can get real scary – or real fun!

Are you a “Halloween Costume Required” kind of reveler? Put on your ghoulish best and head to Half Time Sports Bar & 310 Gallery for Boos and Booze! They are putting on a costume-required party from 9pm to 1am in Downtown Oakland. You will indeed find lots of boos and booze and a handful of local DJ’s doing their thing!!

Don’t want to go far from the Executive Inn and Suites? Eve’s Waterfront will be putting on the best party for you then, and it’s right on the waterfront! Again, this is a costume-required event and you can win prizes for your costume if you go all out freaky! “Nightmare on Halloween” will offer “Oakland's hottest DJs (DJ Symphony, DJ Roxwell, DJ Omar, and Special Guests), a COSTUME CONTEST, a ghoulish house-selected welcome cocktail, ghostly eats, and so much more.”  

Not a dance party kind of person? Head over to Seawolf Public House for some Halloween Trivia. They are partnering up with Boneyard Beer to offer a spookier version of their regular Wednesday night trivia game! Put on your costume, drink some good beer, and use your brainy Halloween lobe to win some prizes and have a geeky, ghostly good time. Plus, it’s free!

Wherever you decide to go, put on your cape, put in your best fangs and have a SPOOKY and SAFE time out there in Oakland on Halloween!!

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