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May 31, 2018




Oakland Athletics are Rooted in Oakland!

Oakland Athletics are here to stay in the Bay! After the Warriors and Raiders announced they are leaving Oakland, the A's announced they are #RootedInOakland.

 Oakland Athletics are Rooted in Oakland!

Oakland Athletics are here to stay in the Bay! After the Warriors and Raiders announced they are leaving Oakland, the A's announced they are #RootedInOakland.


A's are here to stay!

Looking over the landscape of professional sports teams in Oakland, you’ll see the backs of the Golden State Warriors and the Raiders far off in the distance, scurrying away to half as worthy cities (sorry San Francisco and Las Vegas ;p)! But you will also see the A’s standing large and proud of representing Oakland. Look closer and you will see the A’s robust, deep, deep roots in this city! Even though they are in need of a shiny new stadium fit for them, it will unquestionably be built here in Oakland territory!  

The A’s have been in Oakland since 1968. If you do the math, that’s 50 beautiful years to grow strong roots. The A’s have had their ups (World Series wins 1972 and 1989!) and downs (1979!) in Oakland, and the fans have always come out and cheered their team on. The fans have always been there for the A’s and you bet that the A’s will be there for their fans!

And right now, the A’s are sending out love notes to their fans and the city of Oakland, to assure us all of their deep commitment. Have you gotten one?

Stomper Statue
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1. Stomper Loves You

​Have you spotted one of many Stomper statues while you were out and about in Oakland yet? He is devotedly wearing his Athletic’s logo and posed ready to take a pic with you for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.! He just wants to be seen with you! #rootedinoakland

​P.S. You can even book a live Stomper for your personal events, including birthday parties and even your wedding! See Stompers page on the A’s website here!

Oakland Athletics Banner Ad
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2. Love Banners

​Keep your eyes open for various flags and banners all over the city! The A’s have upped their use of Oakland’s billboards just for you! And they are pretty charming with tag lines such as “We Always Have Our Game Face On, Even During Romantic Comedies”, “All About that Bass”, “Welcome to the Beast Bay”, and "We Never Give Up, Unless it's a Seat on BART, Because We're Gentlemen". Spot all their lovable messages if you can!

3. Gushing on TV

​The A’s have also have rolled out 5 loved up adverts for you on TV! Word has it that the players had a blast filming in various locations around Oakland. Catch some appearances from team manager Bob Melvin, and players Marcus Semien, Sonny Gray, Kendall Graveman and Ryon Healy! One even features Oakland mayor, Libby Schaaf. And the best part about filming only in Oakland? The fans have some starring parts too! Turn on your TV and stay tuned into the commercials! It’s worth the views!

4. Oakland Zoo

​The A’s love the Oakland Zoo! Take a pic with the Stomper statue at the Zoo’s entrance then head over to Elephant Territory to see the lovely messages from the A’s waiting for you. Visit the resident elephants, including 49 year old M’Dundamella, who was born 1 year after the A’s came to Oakland!

Seriously, what a great time to be an A’s fan because you better believe the A’s and their green collars are ROOTED IN OAKLAND!  

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