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December 21, 2022




5 Ways To Get Fit in Oakland (and Burn Off Those Holiday Pounds)

If you're feeling the effects of the holiday season and looking to get back on track, Oakland has you covered with some of the best fitness options in the Bay Area. From world-class gyms and parks to stunning trails and beautiful beaches, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

5 Ways To Get Fit in Oakland (and Burn Off Those Holiday Pounds)

The holidays are over, but the pounds may still be plaguing you. If you’re looking to get back on track and start the new year off right, look no further than Oakland — home to some of the best fitness options in the Bay Area.

From world-class gyms and parks to trails that offer some of the most stunning views, Oakland has something for everyone when it comes to getting fit.

What could be better than working up a sweat in one of the most beautiful cities in America? With so many amazing options for staying active, there’s no excuse not to get your fitness on while visiting Oakland.

Check out our list of five ways to get fit in Oakland, and start burning off those holiday pounds today!

1. Hit the Gym

Hitting the gym is always a great way to get fit in Oakland and burn off those pesky holiday pounds! With all the different fitness centers and health clubs, there are plenty of options for every budget.

Whether you want to focus on strength training with free weights and machines or take a heart-pumping cardio class, there’s something for everyone. Plus, all gyms offer monthly memberships and deals, giving you the flexibility to choose from a variety of options that can fit your wallet and lifestyle.

Why not make this year the year of getting fit at the gym?

2. Sign Up for a Dance Class

If you’re looking for fun fitness activities in Oakland, consider signing up for a dance class! From salsa and tango to hip-hop and Zumba, there’s something fun for everyone. Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced dancer, dance classes will provide an excellent workout that you won’t find anywhere else.

With some amazing studios around town and instructors ready to show off their moves, classes are the perfect way to get fit and socialize all at once. You might have so much fun that you don’t even realize how many calories you’re burning!

3. Grab Your Friends and Go for a Walk or Jog on the Embarcadero Waterfront

Fitness in Oakland is made simple and fun by taking a walk or jogging on the Embarcadero Waterfront. Bring your friends and family to catch up while taking part in a physical activity that helps you knock off those holiday pounds.

The views along the path are great as you run, walk, or stroll alongside the bay — just make sure you wear proper exercise attire, so you don’t end up too far out when the tide starts rolling! Fitness doesn’t have to be restricted to gyms; Oakland provides an environment for the best of both exercise and scenery.

4. Go for a Swim at the Best Beaches in Oakland

Another great way to get fit in Oakland is to take a dip in the water. With some of the best beaches around, you can find everything from secluded coves and sandy beaches to large areas for swimming laps or just floating about.  

Plus, swimming is a great aerobic exercise that can help burn off those pesky holiday calories! Don’t forget about the incredible views that come with it — from Half Moon Bay to the Bay Bridge, there’s no better way to get fit while taking in the views of Oakland’s stunning waterfront.   

Pull on your swimsuit and take a dip in Oakland’s waters; you’ll be sure to feel the benefits.

5. Join a Sports League

If you’re looking for a more social way to stay fit in Oakland, why not join a sports league? Oakland is home to countless sports leagues to help you get fit. Whether you enjoy team sports or prefer playing on your own, there are many organizations offering outdoor activities that cater to every skill level.

Soccer leagues, boot camps, and spin classes can give you a high-energy workout and weekly competition against friends. For more laid-back recreational sports like softball, bocce ball, and volleyball, there are plenty of places where you can sign up to join a league at any time of year.

Take advantage of Oakland’s booming fitness scene by joining a sports league — the perfect way for city dwellers to stay active in one of the most livable cities in the world!

Stay Fit and Relax During Your Oakland Vacation!

There you have it — five fun and creative ways to stay fit in Oakland. From hitting the gym to signing up for dance classes and exploring the beaches, Oakland offers endless options to maintain your physical health this year. Joining a local sports league is also an excellent way to stay active and socialize with friends.

When you’re looking for the perfect place to relax, reset, and stay fit in Oakland after the holiday season, look no further than Executive Inn & Suites Embarcadero Cove! We offer guests a unique combination of unbeatable waterfront views, comfortable accommodations, and easy access to all the great fitness activities Oakland has to offer. 

With our varied selection of fitness classes, outdoor sports leagues, and swimming spots near the hotel, there’s no better place to stay fit in Oakland than with us. Come join us at the Executive Inn & Suites Embarcadero Cove for an unforgettable experience that combines relaxation and recreation. Book your stay today to start enjoying all the amazing fitness activities Oakland has to offer. We’ll see you soon!

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