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January 15, 2023




5 Romantic Date Ideas in Oakland for Valentine's Day

Are you and your significant other tired of the same old boring Valentine's Day plans? Look no further, because Oakland has got you covered with all the weird, wacky and wild romantic activities your heart desires.

5 Romantic Date Ideas in Oakland for Valentine's Day

Have you decided where to take your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? There are many Oakland Valentine's Day activities for couples to try out, so choosing can be difficult. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Just pick places or activities that you and your partner would enjoy.

If you’re still unsure and want a narrowed-down selection, you’ve come to the right place. This is Valentine's Day in Oakland: the ultimate guide for couples list!

Stroll Along Lake Merritt and Lakeside Park

Nothing complements romance more than beautiful scenery. Hold your partner’s hand and slowly pace around the beautiful Lake Merritt. Birds happily cruise by and dip themselves in the clear and calm water. Your view will be a picturesque blend of cityscape and nature. It’s even more romantic during the night as the city lights flicker and are reflected on Lake Merritt.

To add to your Oakland Valentine's Day date ideas, go to Lakeside Park. It’s right beside Lake Merritt and a perfect spot for a picnic, weather permitting. The park stretches far, so you will still have privacy and won’t have trouble setting up. The grass is clean and well-trimmed, so you’ll be comfortable even if you lie down. If you have bikes, you can also ride along the entire area.

If you’re into inexpensive yet romantic Valentine's Day getaways in Oakland, consider a trip to Lake Merritt and Lakeside Park.

Spend Time With Animals at Oakland Zoo

Animals are good conversation starters, and they’re also entertaining to watch. If you want some wildlife included in your list of romantic things to do in Oakland on Valentine's Day, visit the Oakland Zoo. This zoo is home to over 800 animals — from cuddly bears to majestic lions.

You also won’t feel guilty seeing these animals away from their natural homes. Oakland Zoo is a strong advocate of animal welfare and conservation, treating their animals with care and creating large enclosures that resemble natural habitats.

After you're done marveling at the wildlife, you can go for some rides. There’s the exhilarating Tiger Trek roller coaster and calming conservation carousel. However, for Valentine’s Day, the Sky Ride is the perfect option. It’s a 20-minute open-air ride with your partner. Your view will be the entire Zoo and its animals.

Book a Room at Executive Inn & Suites

If you want more private time with your partner, book a room at a hotel. There are many Oakland Valentine's Day hotel packages with Executive Inn & Suites’ offerings being one of the best.

Executive Inn & Suites offers a scenic bayside view, giving you and your partner a romantic backdrop. The rooms are spacious with a modern design. Their traditional King City View rooms provide all the essentials and are handicap accessible. If you want something grander, you can get the Gorgeous King Water View Suite which has a large open space and a luxurious vibe. No matter what room you choose, you and your partner are sure to have a comfortable and relaxing stay.

The hotel also offers delicious food. Enjoy a hearty meal with your partner and indulge in Executive Inn & Suites steak and salmon dishes. If you want to spice up your date, go to the bar and ask the skilled bartenders to prepare your favorite cocktails and other beverages.

Have a Romantic Dinner at Townhouse

If you’re still hungry after all that, you can have a romantic dinner in any of the city’s amazing restaurants. The Oakland Valentine's Day restaurant recommendations list is long, but the top spot goes to Townhouse.

This long-standing Oakland restaurant is a testament that good things can last, like your relationship with your partner. The restaurant's rustic interior creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere. There’s an al fresco dining area that exudes a romantic ambiance. If you’re going to profess your love or anything, that’s a good place to do it. However, Townhouse’s outdoor seating is limited, so make sure to book early.

The food is also fantastic. They offer a full set of American dishes including townhouse salad, BBQ baby back ribs, and spaghetti di mare. There’s also a bar where lovebirds can try out their signature cocktails and wines.

If Townhouse is fully booked, you can dine at Palmetto. They also serve delicious American dishes, but the ambiance is more modern and vibrant.

End your Valentine's Day weekend in Oakland with content hearts and stomachs.

Attend the Lover’s Ball

There are several Valentine's Day events in Oakland to look out for. However, one that you should not miss is the Lover’s Ball: Valentine’s Day 2023. Have fun at an exhilarating and romantic party with your partner. The organizers promise a sweet, sexy, and sensuous experience for all attendees, so it’s sure to be a blast!

Unlike other Valentine’s Day events that only invite dating or married couples, the Lover’s Ball is open to all. Do you want to take your best friend with you? No problem. How about the girl you just met a couple of hours ago? You can!

At Lover’s Ball, you’ll have one of the best Oakland Valentine's Day experiences for couples and friends alike.

Final Thoughts

From walking along scenic lakes and parks to spending the night at a premium hotel suite, there are many romantic things you can do with your partner this coming Valentine’s Day. Speaking of hotel suites, if you find the mentioned offerings of Executive Inn & Suites enticing and would want to learn more, contact us and book a room today.

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