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November 1, 2022




5 Creative Things You Can Do With a Pumpkin

Pumpkins have been cultivated for thousands of years and are used in a variety of ways. They’re so versatile that they can be used for cooking delicious meals with unique pumpkin recipes, making beautiful art pieces, or even for decoration.

5 Creative Things You Can Do With a Pumpkin

Pumpkins have been cultivated for thousands of years and are used in a variety of ways. They’re so versatile that they can be used for cooking delicious meals with unique pumpkin recipes, making beautiful art pieces, or even for decoration.

Now that pumpkin season has rolled in once more, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun and creative things you can do with this versatile fruit. Aside from carving jack-o’-lanterns and baking pies, there are endless possibilities when it comes to pumpkins.

We have a few creative ideas you can consider:

1. Make Wax Candles

One of the first pumpkin crafts you can do is make wax candles. All you need is a pumpkin, some wax, and a wick. You can either buy these things or make them yourself. To make the wax, you will need to melt down some old candles.

Once you have your materials, cut off the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the insides until it is hollow. Next, put the wax in a pot on low heat and place the pumpkin over it, so the wax can melt inside. Once the wax is melted, carefully pour it into the pumpkin and then insert the wick. Let the candle cool and enjoy your new decoration.

Just be careful if you plan on doing this activity with children since melting wax can be dangerous. We recommend having them help design the candles after it has cooled to make it extra safe and fun.

2. Use a Pumpkin as a Cooler

Use pumpkins as more than just a decorative item this autumn by hollowing one out and turning it into a cooler. Simply cut the top off the pumpkin, scoop out the insides, and fill it with ice. Then, use it to keep drinks cool at your next Halloween party or fall picnic!

It’s a resourceful way to stay on theme for a fall party while keeping it functional. You can also use smaller pumpkins as an ice bucket for wine bottles if you’re feeling fancy.

Spruce it up even more by creating pumpkin-inspired drinks, such as a pumpkin spice Moscow mule or a caramel apple cider cocktail. This way, you can still use the pumpkin flesh in a tasty way.

3. Transform It Into a Fall Planter

Another way to bring life to a hollowed-out pumpkin is by turning it into a fall planter. All you need for this creative pumpkin DIY is some potting soil and small plants or flowers, and you’re good to go! Simply fill the pumpkin with soil and your chosen plants, and voila — a one-of-a-kind fall display for your home.

You can put in some mums, pansies, or ivy plants. Or, if you want to get really creative, consider using succulents! Just make sure to put a layer of rocks at the bottom of the pumpkin first to help drainage.

You also may want to consider painting or gluing on some fall-themed embellishments, like leaves or acorns, to give your planter some extra personality. Additionally, you can spray paint your home number on the pumpkin to make it even more functional.

4. Upcycle It as a Bird Feeder

Why not upcycle your pumpkin and use it as a bird feeder? All you need is some birdseed, string, and a drill. Simply drill some holes into your pumpkin, thread some string through the holes, add birdseed to the bowl, and hang it up! The birds will love it and you’ll get to enjoy watching them from your window.

The best thing about this concept is that you can also use the pumpkin seeds as bird feed, so nothing goes to waste. Plus, you don’t need to carve a new pumpkin to turn it into a bird feeder. We suggest using your old jack-o’-lanterns to give them new life.

5. Create Smashing Art

Lastly, you can create some unique fall art with your kids by smashing pumpkins! This is a great activity to do outside on a warm autumn day. All you need are some small pumpkins, washable paint, and an old sheet or tarp to protect your surface. Let your kids choose their colors and go to town painting the pumpkins. Once they’re done, let them take turns smashing the pumpkin creations!

This can be quite messy, though, so you may want to consider doing it in your backyard or someplace where clean-up won’t be too difficult. Nonetheless, it’s a great fall activity that kids and adults alike will enjoy.


There are many things you can do with a pumpkin aside from turning it into a jack-o’-lantern or making delicious dishes out of it. These ideas can help you get the most out of your pumpkin this fall season, especially if you’re living in or traveling to Oakland.

Oakland is known for its pumpkin patches, so take advantage of them and pick out a few pumpkins to take home. Then, get creative!

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Executive Inn & Suites is the best spot in Oakland. The hotel offers many amenities and is just a short drive from all of the attractions that the city has to offer, including those pumpkin patches.

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